Kansas news digest


News from alternative media around Kansas for October 19, 2009.

Letter from the Newsroom: National Security Edition

This week State of the State Kansas takes an in-depth look at national security, with interviews of Mike Pompeo, Bob Beatty, Dennis Farnsworth, and news stories as well.

Film and Mike Smith Debunk Global Warming

(Kansas Watchdog) Coverage of “Not Evil Just Wrong” and the presentation before the film. “A 50-minute presentation by atmospheric scientist Mike Smith of Wichita preceded the presentation. Smith, CEO and Founder of WeatherData Inc., talked about the science and opinion behind manmade global warming theory. Smith, like the film that followed his presentation, debunked many claims of global warming theorists who are calling for major changes in environmental and economic policy.”

Eye on the Stimulus: 209 New Jobs in Kansas

(Kansas Watchdog) “On Thursday Recovery.gov released its first hard data on stimulus jobs.”

CPA Steve Anderson talks about Performance Review of Johnson County Government

(Kansas Watchdog) “At the October meeting in Overland Park of the Sunflower Republican Club,which was open to the public, CPA Steve Anderson talked about the Performance Review he conducted of Johnson County Kansas government for Americans for Prosperity Kansas. … Anderson said a standard performance review was a look at a single point in time, where his ‘enhanced finanical reporting’ attempted to look at trends in five-years of data and added cost-benefit analysis. Anderson pointed out several issues he had with Johnson County Government, and suggested a ‘second set’ of books detailing true cost and benefits would give better government transparency and accountability.”

Roberts: Baucus plan would raise taxes and cut benefits for seniors

(Kansas Liberty) “Before the vote, Roberts cautioned his fellow committee members that the ‘so-called moderate’ Baucus plan would become ‘radically’ different once it was voted out of the committee.”

Report recommends changing the way schools can spend special-ed funds

(Kansas Liberty) “So-called ‘catastrophic’ funding to be made more flexible. One big question: How did Shawnee Mission schools go from zero claims to 333 — in one single year?”

State Financial Mess; Please Not the Same Old Thinking

(Kansas Free Press) The case for more taxes in Kansas is made: “I believe we must look at tax fairness. Make sure everyone is paying their fair share. This will mean some who have received tax breaks in the past will need to step up.”

Cerner-Kansas City Wizards Development in Village West Advances

(Forward Kansas) “Great first step in bringing new jobs to Kansas! This a great opportunity for Wyandotte County and Kansas as a whole!”


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