Downtown Wichita revitalization on Kansas Week


The planning for the revitalization of downtown Wichita is the topic of a segment on the KPTS Television public affairs show Kansas Week on October 16, 2009. Tim Brown is the host. Bob Weeks and Randy Brown are the guests.


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  1. James

    I’ve never met Randy Brown but I think I’d be a lot more open to his thoughts if he would respect others time by allowing them to make comments as well.

    One thing I’m sure Bob would have brought up if given the time would have been how many decisions Randy seems to be willing to make for others. He mentions drive time and reasons not to live in the suburbs, and yet he’s free to choose where he lives and apparently has decided on a very nice subdivision. I think that’s great, and it’s great he was able to make that choice without government telling him how to prioritize his life. His concerns are certainly valid, but shouldn’t it be up to the individual family to decide if that is a good enough reason to live closer to downtown? I certainly don’t want to live in a downtown area because I want my children to have a nice backyard and room to play. That means more to me than drive time, thus I would make a different decision than the one advocated by Randy through government.

    I can never stop being surprised at how trusting someone can be in a government that has proven incompetency in planning. Randy admits WaterWalk is a failure yet still believes they can plan a successful downtown. Even though the federal government can’t successfully transfer a payment to a car dealership, some seem to think they can run a health care system. It’s really a shocking mindset.

  2. Pat

    Randy really isn’t qualified to talk about development, but neither is Bob. They both have philosophies but don’t understand how their respective philosophies apply to development. They just don’t have the expertise although Bob’s comments were based more on factual information than was Randy’s.

  3. BJ

    Bob and Randy both have much to learn about planning.

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