Tea party sign ideas


I think one of these is my original idea. The rest are borrowed or stolen.

Liberty: All the stimulus we need
Stimulus: the audacity of dopes
Give me liberty, not debt
Don’t stimulate … liberate
Born free, but taxed to death
Cut taxes, not deals
Taxed Enough Already
Free Markets, Not Free Loaders
I am not your ATM
Washington: You have run out of our money
Read the bill
Legislate … Don’t Stimulate!
No more pork!
I’ll keep my freedom. You keep the change.
Give me liberty … or a big screen TV.
Say NO to generational theft!
Pork = U LESS
We’ve been PORKED!
Barney Frank: Don’t “pork” the U.S. Taxpayer!
You can’t spend your way out of debt!
Stop! Don’t bankrupt our kids!
Bailouts are bleeding us dry
Stop wasteful spending
Government can’t spend us into prosperity
Capitalism creates jobs, not socialism
Jobs, not stimulus socialism
Change we don’t believe in
Freedom works. Socialism has failed whenever it was tried.
Keep your socialism. Kansas wants capitalism.
Stop the war in prosperity
We earn the money. We know best how to spend it.
No rewards for irresponsibility.
In order to form a more perfect union …
One Big Awful Mistake America
Honk if I’m paying your mortgage


11 responses to “Tea party sign ideas”

  1. This list is great!! We were looking for some ideas and I think I’ve found them!! Three of us are hooking up with the big rally going to our state capitol Olympia [WA state] but we have to work early and will be arriving in time for the rally but not the sign-making and parade. Now we can make our own and still be effective. I am thinking also about bringing my Gadsden flag — except it’s huge and I am flying until the Usurper and the Marxists are gone from power and I’d really like to leave it in place. I think a sign would be better. Thanks again!

  2. Scot

    Additional poster ideas:
    Big Government = Small Paycheck
    I’ll keep my money, you keep the “Change”
    Spending money our children haven’t earned.
    A government powerful enough to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you have.
    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
    “Most bad government result from too much government.” Thomas Jefferson
    “Never spend your money before you have earned it.” Thomas Jefferson

  3. Dave Desmond

    On a tombstone:

    Killed by the Taxman – “The American Dream”


    Obama – An Auditory Hallucination!
    We have medication for That!

  4. Rothbard

    “The FED: Creating Inflation since 1913”
    “1913 was a very bad year”
    “Pirates & Government: Both are Gangs of Thieves”
    “Don’t Steal: The government hates competition”
    “THEIRS” (w/ IRS in a different color)

  5. David Mac

    lol, “Don’t Steal” was my favorite out of them. I’m going with
    “Give me Liberty. Do it.”
    “Power to the Me-ople”

  6. Jim R

    Save our Kids

  7. Sey

    “We Are Forever In Your Debt, Obama”
    “Forget Somalia, Stop the Piracy in D.C.”
    “Wanted for Robbery: Obama, Pelosi, Read – $2.6 T Reward”
    “Robbed! Suspect: Black Male approx. 6’1″ 175 lbs. 47 yrs. old. Last seen: in the White House”
    “Income Redistribution Service”

  8. Sandee

    Cash for Flunkers

  9. Stimulus: the impertinence of DOLTS
    Ban Pork!
    Get out of by backyard!
    Bail-out (v) [beyl-out] Congressional Definition: escape, run away, desert, flee, fly, take off, take flight, evacuate, abandon, duck out
    Antonym From the People: Stand Your Ground!!

  10. Sorry…
    I meant:
    Get out of MY backyard!!

  11. Mike


    I saw a tall 30something black guy carrying a sign that said (paraphrasing, hey it’s been a while), Lincoln freed my great-grandparents, Obama enslaved my grandchildren.”

    He got MY vote.


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