The problem with Sarah Palin


Not everyone is enthusiastic about the rise in popularity of Sarah Palin. I didn’t vote for her when I had the chance, and nothing has happened since November 2008 that would lead me to change my mind.

Leslie Carbone, author of the recently-published Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform says it better than I can myself:

With the popular outrage sparked by the Bush bail-outs, I’ve become more hopeful about the future of economic freedom than I’d been in 20 years. And the tea parties and town-hall protests just buttressed my optimism.

I’m still optimistic, but the reflexive, relativistic, populism-as-the-new-elitism near-worship showered upon Gov. Palin by supposed conservatives and libertarians — people who profess to believe in economic freedom — tempers my optimism.

The full post is The Problem with Palin.


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  1. I agree. Palin is a great cheerleader (for lack of a less sexist or derogatory term off the top of my head) but I haven’t seen or heard anything out of her that screams presidential material. Obviously she riles up the troops, but that doesn’t automatically mean she should be leading the charge. We are seeing that in action right now in the White House.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree…Ms, Palin could governed her own state of Alaska…

    What makes people think she is comptent to be anything else than a stay at home mother to her children….

    She is NO way qualified to be president of our Nation….

    Maybe the PTA…..Huntsville, TX.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry…counld NOT governed her own state of Alsaka….

    Huntsville, TX.

  4. Ann H.

    I am disturbed by her recent decision to campaign for McCain in Arizona. McCain is not at all what our country needs, and if the things he stands for are what she stands for, then I can’t support her. Many of us hoped that she joined the ticket in ’08 to make it more conservative without actually agreeing with everything McCain believed. But by giving him her endorsement for Senate and campaigning for him, which she need not have done by any means, she’s showing she’s not the constitutional conservative many of us hoped she’d be.

    It is sad, there is no one truly conservative and constitutional on the Republican side that is a front-runner or with the name recognition for ’12. The current rumored front-runners are recycled candidates from ’08, which in my not so humble opinion were a pack of losers.

  5. Dismal Scientist

    The Tea Party convention in Tennessee was a joke. When your keynote speaker is a neo/theo con like Sarah, you know something is wrong. Campaign for Liberty and the Libertarian Party chose not to have booths at this farce. Palin represents all that is WRONG with the so-called conservative movement of today. Do some research on the “old right” and you will find that real conservatives are much more like libertarians in that they are anti-war, pro free market and anti-state!

  6. Thanks so much for the link, Bob, and your kind words. I’m very encouraged to see the bloom coming off the rogue.

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