Liberals Favor Outsourcing


A press release announcing the new book by Peter Schweizer Makers and Takers contains this sentence:

Schweizer argues that the failure lies in modern liberal ideas, which foster a self-centered, “if it feels, good do it” attitude that leads liberals to outsource their responsibilities to the government and focus instead on themselves and their own desires.

What a great insight. Liberals outsourcing their responsibilities to government.


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  1. Reason why the hybrids are so popular. It’s about the self-image.

    I heard a report on the radio that said Honda was discontinuing the Hybrid Accord. The reason given? Because it looks exactly like a regular full gas-powered Accord and sales were very flat.

    What does a hybrid car looking just like their gas brother make such a difference in sales? Because the potential hybrid buyers feel that other people will not think it’s a hybrid. They want to buy hybrids that will be recognize as a hybrid. Basically meaning they want to be seen in and owning a hybrid to showcase their “greenness” to everybody else.

  2. PRwichita

    RE: Hypocritical Advertising by Raj Goyle AKA Rajeev Goyle

    Please take note of the letter that I e-mailed to Rajeev Goyle, AKA Raj Goyle, on 6 August 2010. As of today, 28 August, 2010, Mr. Goyle has not responded, directly, to my email. Mr. Goyle has also made no attempt to correct any of the information that I had presented, in that email. I am sure that Goyle received said e-mail, since his staff has subscribed me to about a dozen, different Left-Wing emails from President Obama, Nancy Pelosi,, etc., that I certainly never would never have requested or subscribed to, on my own.

    In addition to my letter to Goyle, attached, please make note of this Web Page from the White and Case Law firm:

    “White & Case has served as outsourcing counsel to some of the most prominent companies in the world, including financial services leaders, international food giants, multinational telecommunications companies, and media and technology leaders.

    Global Resources and Expertise
    We have the global capacity and experience to advise on every legal aspect of an outsourcing transaction, including employment, tax, insurance, privacy, data protection, regulatory, cross-border and intellectual property issues. Outsourcing reaches into every corner of the globe, including developing markets where White & Case has decades of professional experience helping its clients assess and overcome commercial, legal, regulatory and structural risks. Our global presence thus also enables us to support our clients on cross-border and multi-national outsourcing projects. Our team is multi-lingual and has US, EU, Latin American and Asia Pacific lawyers who can join forces to provide the highest quality services.”

    Raj Goyle AKA Rajeev Goyle has received over $12,000.00 in campaign contributions from lawyers at White and Case law firm. Goyle has also received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from international hedge fund managers and international investment experts.

    Monica Arora is married to Rajeev Goyle AKA Raj Goyle. Monica Arora is an attorney at the White and Case law firm. Arora-Goyle specializes in tax shelters for Americans who wish to invest in foreign companies.

    I believe that Goyle might well decide to quit running this, particular TV Advertising spot, which he calls “Mailroom”. However, a “FACT CHECK” segment, on this blatant hypocrisy, seems warranted by all local news outlets.

    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


    Paul F. Rosell
    Wichita, KS

    Rajeev Goyle
    Democrat Candidate for Congress

    Mr. Goyle;

    I have serious questions about your rather hypocritical campaign advertising, most notably the commercial at this link:

    How can you keep a straight face, when you attack the “outsourcing of American Jobs” and “tax breaks” for outsourcing jobs, when so many people, who are very close to you, make their living doing EXACTLY that?

    Let us begin with Rajiv Shah, the director of USAID or the United States Agency for International Development. Mr. Shah did more than just give “tax breaks” for outsourcing jobs — Mr. Shah actually gave TAX DOLLARS, DIRECTLY, to a firm in Sri Lanka who’s PURPOSE is to OUTSOURCE AMERICAN “I.T.” JOBS!:

    Rajiv Shah was appointed to his current position by President Barrack Hussein Obama. You endorsed Obama, in many Hindu and Asian-American newsletters, long before Obama had defeated Hillary Clinton, in the Democrat Primary. You even campaigned, personally, for President Obama, in Texas and other states, during the Primary and General elections.

    Mr. Goyle, if you truly object to tax breaks given to domestic companies, for “outsourcing jobs’ — should you not be even more vocal, in your opposition, to American tax dollars being sent DIRECTLY to foreign countries, for the purpose of outsourcing jobs?

    Then we come to the White and Case law firm. Mr. Brian Miller, at White and Case, is the former senior legal adviser for USAID:

    Of course, Monica K. Arora also works at the White and Case law firm:

    Monica Arora’s expertise is in the area of INTERNATIONAL investments, and in “carried interest”. “Carried interest” is a kind of tax shelter, which converts ordinary income into capital gains:

    It certainly appears that Monica Arora is involved, directly, in raising money from wealthy Americans. She then uses that investment capital to fund FOREIGN industries. Monica Arora designs methods to convert the interest, or ordinary income, from these investments, into tax advantaged capital gains.

    Of course, Monica K. Arora is married to Rajeev Goyle:

    I have presented several issues for you to deal with, of course. If I have made a mistake, in the identities or facts involved, please let me know. I will correct the record, as far as my statements are concerned, immediately, if you can prove that I am in error in any way.

    Beyond the fact that Monica K. Arora appears to live in Maryland, and she appears to work in New York, for a Wall Street, hedge fund, law office, (which raises questions about YOUR actual residence) —

    I have honest, sincere questions about your hypocrisy, and your obvious conflicts of interest. What will you do when the subject of taxation on international hedge fund investments comes up in Congress? (Should you win the election.)

    Let us not forget that Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is currently under investigation, by the House Ethics Committee, for seeking favors for a Bank, on behalf of her husband:

    “CNN) — California Rep. Maxine Waters is pressing the House ethics panel to set her trial date before the midterm elections in November. —The 10-term congresswoman is accused of violating House rules by seeking federal assistance for a bank with financial ties to her husband.”

    There are several purposes, to this emailed letter.

    First, I would like you to correct this letter, if any portion of it is not true. I want specific, line-by-line corrections, with facts and evidence to support your requested changes, to the honest effort that I have made in presenting the facts, as I see them.

    Second, I would respectfully ask you to stop running your misleading advertising, concerning the “outsourcing of jobs” and “tax breaks.”

    Third, I would further request that you promise the voters, immediately, that you will not use any current or future elective office to directly assist your friends, or your wife, Monica Arora, in their international investment activities.

    Fourth, I would ask that you publicly object to the deal just announced by Rajiv Shah, and the USAID, under the direction of the Obama Administration. That deal will outsource American jobs.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Paul F. Rosell
    Wichita, KS

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