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Some people have asked if I’m on Twitter, and the answer is yes. Here’s a link to my Twitter profile, from where you can choose to follow me.

I don’t use Twitter as much as a lot of people do. I don’t have a mobile device like a Blackberry. I have a regular old-fashioned cell phone. (Isn’t is funny to think of a plain cellular telephone as old-fashioned, even quaint?) So I just update from my computer.

What I mostly do on Twitter is to post titles and urls to new blog posts. There’s a problem, though. Often the title of the post plus the post’s url are over 140 characters long, the limit for Twitter. But, Twitter reduces long urls to short ones using tinyurl, and usually the title plus the short url are well within the 140 character limit. But, Twitter doesn’t know that, so it won’t accept the post. I’ve reported this to Twitter, and they’re thinking about it. Such are the issues of software engineering and programming.

Update: Why didn’t I think of his on my own? Just use to create your own short urls. Even simpler, the Firefox addin “TinyURL Creator” makes this process quite simple.


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