Parks’ Selection as Sedgwick County Commission Chair Breaks Tradition


In a move that suggests that there may be some change in the way things are done in the Sedgwick County Courthouse, Kelly Parks was selected as chairman of the Board of County Commissioners for the next year. No other name was placed in nomination.

Then, Gwen Welshimer was selected as chairmen pro tem, again with no other name placed in nomination.

Why is this a change? As the Wichita Eagle’s Deb Gruver wrote in todays news story Parks may chair commission: “For years, it’s been the Sedgwick County Commission’s tradition to ‘promote’ the board’s vice chairman to chairman.”


5 responses to “Parks’ Selection as Sedgwick County Commission Chair Breaks Tradition”

  1. Interesting move.

  2. Joe Williams

    While I think Kelly Parks is one of the good guys, I’m not convinced of Gwen Wilshimer. She is beholden to the Democratic Party, so usually that isn’t a good thing.

  3. Cybex

    Before Gwen’s husband passed away he hated Republicans and Gwen always voted the democratic party line, but over the last few years she has learned to relax. This new alliance helps her be in line to be the Chairman a job she wants very much. Finally, Norton never treated her with respect so the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  4. Legend

    Sedgwick County has made so much progress over the last five years. I would hope Commissioners Parks, Peterjohn, and Welshimer realize this. Please continue to support the city in downtown redevelopment and projects like the downtown arena.

  5. Aaron Bell Sr.

    Hang onto your wallet they are spending more than we can afford!!!!!

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