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  • A look at a David Dennis campaign finance report

    A look at a David Dennis campaign finance report

    It’s interesting to look at campaign finance reports. Following, a few highlights on a report from David Dennis, a candidate for Sedgwick County Commission.

  • In Wichita, corporate welfare not needed, after all

    Announcement of a new developer proceeding with a Save-A-Lot grocery store project — without any of the subsidies Wichita approved — raises questions as to whether the city’s original offer of public assistance was genuine economic development, or just another instance of corporate welfare.

  • Wichita city council celebrates while others face cuts

    It’s reported that the City of Wichita is facing a $6.5 million shortfall. The city’s looking at several ways to reduce costs, including closing police substations during the overnight hours ($148,000), reducing lawn mowing at parks ($100,000), and cutting back on swimming pool hours ($2,000). Here’s one simple thing the city could do to save…

  • YMCA – Wichita conflict of interest

    A local non-profit organization, held in high esteem, seeks to purchase property owned by the City of Wichita. So what’s the problem?

  • Prudence Requires Postponement of Wichita TIF District: The Video

    Bob Weeks recommends postponing approval of a Wichita TIF district until new procedures are put in place. Plus, a question about future mill levies, with a response from council member Sharon Fearey. The remarks in printed form are at this link: Prudence Requires Postponement of Wichita TIF District.

  • Sharon Fearey doesn’t appreciate the Wichita Eagle

    At the December 16, 2008 meeting of the Wichita City Council, Sharon Fearey expressed her displeasure with reporting done by the Wichita Eagle.

  • “Thank You, Wichita Eagle”

    Mustering all the sarcasm she can, Sharon Fearey says “Thank you, Wichita Eagle.” Speaking from the bench at the December 16, 2008 meeting of the Wichita City Council, she’s referring to reporting that newspaper did that uncovered problems in the past of the person referred to as the principal developer of a project. Wichita city…

  • No Diligence in Wichita City Hall

    Rhonda Holman’s Wichita Eagle editorial today (Need vetting of City Hall partners) correctly states that city staff “missed the mark in vetting negotiator Grant Gaudreau.” Or is the proper title “principal developer,” as stated by Wichita’s director of urban development Allen Bell? (See Wichita’s Faulty Due Diligence for video.)

  • Sharon Fearey’s Bad Joke

    Sharon Fearey asked this question: “Do we all get free nuts or anything?”

  • Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer’s Reformulated TIF Plan Still a Bad Idea

    Today the Wichita City Council holds a special meeting to consider a reformulated plan to provide tax increment financing (TIF) for the area surrounding the downtown Wichita arena. It’s still a bad idea. It appears there are two major changes in the new plan. First, the TIF district is smaller. Second, spending on the district…

  • Wichita Smoking Ban Starts. Sharon Fearey is Excited.

    Today, September 4, 2008, marks the first day of the ban on smoking in Wichita. It’s not quite a total ban, and that has some smoking ban supporters upset. In a letter to the Wichita Eagle, anti-smoking activist Cindy Claycomb writes “If you are a supporter of clean indoor air, please do not spend your…

  • Tiff over Wichita TIFs

    A post titled Keeping TIFs from a public tiff by Wichita Eagle business reporter Bill Wilson on the Eagle’s Business Casual blog reveals his bias in favor of government over individual action and preference. My post The Wichita Eagle’s Preference For Government documents one such example from the past. In this blog post Mr. Wilson…