Sharon Fearey doesn’t appreciate the Wichita Eagle


At the December 16, 2008 meeting of the Wichita City Council, Sharon Fearey expressed her displeasure with reporting done by the Wichita Eagle.

In this clip, she mentions the Wichita Eagle reporting of the history of Grant Gaudreau. Fearey implies that the Eagle knew that he had been removed from the Renaissance Square project over a month ago. But just two weeks ago, Allen Bell, development director for the City of Wichita, referred to Gaudreau as “principal developer.” So Fearey’s accounting of the facts isn’t even close to Bell’s.

Is there a communications breakdown at city hall? It seems obvious.


3 responses to “Sharon Fearey doesn’t appreciate the Wichita Eagle”

  1. jonsey

    It is suspicious how Ms. Fearey defends a white collar criminal, even though judgements have already been made against Mr. Gaudreau. Oh, I get it, she must be one of ‘The Boys’ too.

  2. Steve

    Fearey is mad because her real estate property in the area will not be purchased or increased in value. She is on her way out and wanted her piece of the action before she left.

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