Downtown Wichita Business Activity


Business activity in downtown Wichita continues to rise.

New data from United States Census Bureau shows business activity in downtown Wichita continuing an upward trend. The increase in the number of business firms is slight.

From 2018 to 2019, the number of workers in zip code 67202 rose from 15,403 to 16,026, increasing 623 jobs, or 4.0 percent. (Zip code 67202 is greater downtown Wichita, from the Arkansas River east to Washington, and Kellogg north to Central, roughly. It is approximately the same as the Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District, which levies an extra property tax to support development.) The number of business firms rose from 816 to 824. The annual payroll rose from $811.254 million to $919.805 million, which is 13.4 percent.

Since 2010, when the most recent downtown plan was adopted, the number of jobs rose from 15,964 to 16,026, the number of business firms fell from 846 to 824, and annual payroll rose from $715.474 million to $919.805 million. A nearby table summarizes.

My interactive visualization of this data for the nation is updated with this data. Click on Visualization: Zip code business patterns.

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