How did Wichita water situation develop?


It’s vitally important that Wichita develop a plan for an abundant water supply. At the same time, we ought to be asking, as does Johnny Stevens, how this problem developed. Wichita Business Journal:

Wichita officials — thanks to a couple of weeks of rain — said they were able this week to dodge possible water restrictions and punitive measures as a means of coping with the ongoing drought.

But Wichita developer Johnny Stevens voiced to me today something I have heard from others in the community recently.

“How did it even get to this point?” Stevens said. “It shouldn’t have gotten this far.”

Continue reading at Developer Johnny Stevens on water issue: How did it get to this?

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  1. Cybex

    The City Administration arrived at this point because of mismanagement and greed. Under the leadership of former Water czar David Warren, the City’s entire strategy was to sell water to other communities around Wichita at an increased rate and controlled their economic development through the water contract. The EB aquifer recharging project is expensive and will not work over the long term. We could spend the money that we are spending now in creating another Cheney-like lake in the southeast corner of our state and pipe the water to Wichita. This concept will provide much more water over a longer term at a lower cost. It will create tourism and partnerships with other communities. In addition, we would not be fighting with the irrigators, dairy farmers, and the Farm Bureau groups about pollution and water rights issues.

  2. the REd Queen

    What are you smoking???/

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