More illumination of Wichita City Council ethics



3 responses to “More illumination of Wichita City Council ethics”

  1. ictator

    The Sedgwick County commission voted 5-0 to send Bob Weeks name to the city council. The council’s 4-1 vote against Bob indicates that the mayor does not like the way Bob is promoting the mayor’s bar-b-que sauce on line.

    I was glad to read that even in the eagle’s blog that a growing number of wichitans are upset at the city council buying property at $8.50 per square foot with tax funds and then turning around and selling to a group that includes a bunch of their largest campaign donors higher valued land (based on its riverside location) for 47 cents a square foot.

  2. Ralph

    If you think corruption is bad now, wait until former Mayor Knight gets elected again. Hopefully, either “Recycled” Bob Knight, or “I didn’t mean to hurt that woman” Bill Warren, or “We need a new set of eyes at Spirit” Jeff Turner can help finish the job that Mayor Brewer had started……Detroit here comes Wichita.

  3. Cybex

    Bob was rejected because Mayor Brewer is arrogant and petty. Mayor Brewer does not take criticism very well and he believes that he is all powerful, basically, Brewer is an uneducated and ethically challenge individual. Brewer is not hard to figure out: He is an idiot with power!

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