Wichita Airport statistics: The video


To keep airfares low at the Wichita Airport, the Wichita City Council in partnership with Sedgwick County and the State of Kansas pays a discount air carrier to operate in Wichita. While the program almost certainly has the intended effect on airfares, there is another effect: The trend of flights and seats available in Wichita is declining, and and at a rate faster than for the nation as a whole.

In this video, I use Tableau Public to analyze and present data from Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation to look at trends at the Wichita Airport. I presented this data in different form at a recent Wichita City Council meeting. This interactive visualization is available for you to use here: Wichita airport statistics: the visualization.

You may view the video presentation below, or click here to view it at YouTube, which will probably work best for this video.


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  1. westie

    Bob, you should know by now that you should not try to confuse the Wichita city council with facts and figures. The only data that they will accept comes from their city bureaucratic staff and their campaign donors.

  2. Cybex

    It is not Mayor Brewer’s fault that he barely finish high school and can’t read or write very well. Those are the type of qualifications that many developers and lobbyists are looking for to lead our City. Anyone, who is well educated, understand the issues and offers honesty/ integrity are not welcome to lead or represent Wichita.

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