Wichita City Council hears citizen concerns over West Bank development


In this video, citizens express their concerns to the Wichita City Council regarding the process of developing a parcel of land in downtown Wichita.


4 responses to “Wichita City Council hears citizen concerns over West Bank development”

  1. Excellent points by all speakers!!! Was anyone listening? I heard not one question asked by any council member so I assume all were aware of the many past problems associated with the development group consosting of Wells, Burk and Warren. WAsn’t aware all Council members were YOga enthsiasts because they sure as heck have no problem bending over and over and over.
    Hats off to citizens who take the time to educate themselves on many of these projects…for some reason I thought that’s what council members were suppose to do

  2. Fat Man

    More business as usual from the crooks on the council. I wish our local media would ask just 1 percent of the type of questions that Bob Weeks, Susan Estes and others are asking. The blatant cronyism and fraud taking place downtown would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging to this city.

  3. westie

    Any who watches last Tuesday’s city council meeting will know that Wichita’s city officials are deeply flawed group of people. It is appalling video.

    I shudder for the future of this city. I also feel sorry their newest member, Councilman Blubaugh having to join this group, but he joined the majority with his vote on the west bank apartment vote. This is a group that a majority of them couldn’t tell right from wrong if it hit them over the head.

  4. Cybex

    The media in Wichita will NOT investigate anything because Democrat Mayor Brewer is an African-American whose brother in law is the former Chairman of the Sedgwick County Democratic Party. In addition, the developers involved will NOT advertise their businesses in the local media if they are investigated.

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