Our Downtown Wichita launched


As part of an effort to provide information about the Douglas Place project, a proposed renovation of a downtown Wichita office building into a hotel, Americans for Prosperity, Kansas has created a website.

The site is named Our Downtown Wichita, and it’s located at dtwichita.com.

Many people, myself included, feel that this project — with its multiple layers of taxpayer subsidy — represents crony capitalism at its pinnacle. It’s also the first project to come through Wichita’s Project Downtown evaluation process, which represents new advances in centralized government planning in Wichita.

As the site’s motto says: “Limited government and free markets in Downtown Wichita benefit everyone. Centralized planning and crony capitalism benefit only a few.”

The Our Downtown Wichita site contains information about the many forms of public subsidy that are proposed for the project. You’ll learn that public involvement is much more than what the City of Wichita claims in its presentations.

You’ll also learn about the people involved in Douglas Place, including David Burk of Marketplace Properties and his misrepresentation of himself as an agent of the City of Wichita in order to cut his taxes.

The site also contains a compilation of campaign contributions made to Mayor Carl Brewer and current city council members from people who will financially benefit from the Douglas Place project.

Then, there’s suggestions as to how citizens can get involved if they are concerned about this project.

The site also contains two videos by urban planning expert Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O’Toole made during his visit to Wichita last year.


7 responses to “Our Downtown Wichita launched”

  1. West sider

    Corporate welfare is alive and well in Kansas. Downtown Wichita is exhibit A.

  2. Anonymous

    No Labor Day edition of Koch-sponsored spin doctoring?

    No “The Far Right Free Market Created Weekends, not Unions” or “Employer-Provided Health Benefits Are Un-American”?

  3. RG

    “No Labor Day edition of Koch-sponsored spin doctoring?”

    So sorry to disappoint you. :p I’m sure you’ll find your appetite for Kochtopus sated in short enough order.

  4. T. Rex

    Yeah and Koch Industries NEVER gets public subsidies. Right. The hypocrisy of this website is stunning.

  5. Ha!

    @T. Rex:

    The hypocrisy of this website (much less the hypocrisy of its welfare king webmaster) is par for the course in today’s Far Right Wing. Nothing new here.

  6. John

    Question: (1)When and where will petition sites be located for citizens to sign petitions regarding the Douglas Place/guest tax issue? (2) Do you plan to provide a printable ‘petition’ on your website which could be printed, signed and mailed in to the required address?

  7. Signatures can’t be gathered until September 30th, when the charter ordinance is published. Before then, the things you ask for will happen. There is some question as to the form of the petitions, and these details are being worked on now.

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