Some Wichita communications breakdowns are more important than others


At the December 16, 2008 meeting of the Wichita City Council, Mayor Carl Brewer scolded interim city manager Scott Moore for failure to communicate effectively with council members. The process, according to the mayor, “made a complete mockery of the entire process and everything we actually do.”

He also said “We cannot afford as a city to create an environment where citizens have question or they have doubt as to what we’re doing.”

It’s puzzling to me as to why the mayor is upset about this incident that featured a breakdown in communications, when events surrounding a December 2, 2008 public hearing are more egregious. In that case, citizens were left in the dark. A public hearing was conducted with substantial changes having been made without reasonable notice to citizens. Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer’s Selective Outrage provides more information and background.


2 responses to “Some Wichita communications breakdowns are more important than others”

  1. Cybex

    Mayor Brewer contradicts himself often, but I don’t believe that he realizes that people do take notice. He talks about living in an Utopia while instituting repressive measures to silence detractors.

  2. Ross

    Interim City Manager Scott Moore has a Masters degree while Mayor Brewer just graduated from high school. Brewer is jealous of Moore and it shows.

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