The Wichita baseball team’s name


Is the name of the new Wichita baseball team important? Yes, as it provides insight.

Whatever you may think of the name of the new Wichita baseball team, it’s important. Important because the city is spending many millions on the stadium, much of it borrowed through bonds that must be repaid if the team doesn’t generate as much success (and tax revenue) as planned.

Additionally, the city is depending on the team owners to successfully develop the four acres of surrounding land that the city gave to them. (Well, almost gave to them. They paid about four dollars.) Without successful development, the city and its residents are in trouble.

But given that the reaction to the name is near-universal scorn, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the team owners and their judgment.

Still, there are knowledgeable Wichitans who are praising the team’s ownership and management. I would suggest asking the people of New Orleans what they think of the promises made to them by Lou Schwechheimer, the majority owner of the team. See Coverage of Wichita baseball owner Lou Schwechheimer and Wichita vets its baseball partner(s).

Can a city’s political and bureaucratic leaders want something so badly that they make bad decisions regarding who to choose as partners and how to structure the partnership? Yes, I’m afraid so.


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