What Wichita Vice Mayor Sharon Fearey Doesn’t Understand


In a Wichita Eagle article City tax districts aren’t breaking even we find this whopper of a quote:

Vice Mayor Sharon Fearey likened the situation to what would happen if she put a swimming pool in her yard.

“I’d probably actually lose money, but for the years that I’ve had that swimming pool, I’d have a quality of life I couldn’t get without it,” she said.

Evidently Ms. Fearey does not understand the difference between making a free choice to spend one’s own money (the swimming pool in her backyard) with government taxation to pay for decisions politicians and bureaucrats make for us. Despite the reservations we express.

Perhaps my headline is a little too harsh. Which is it:

Vice Mayor Fearey doesn’t draw a distinction between people making free choices and government action, or

Vice Mayor Fearey understands the difference between people making free choices and government action, but also knows that her judgment is superior to that of ordinary Wichitans.

What do you think?


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