Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer on public trust in government


If you ask Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer to live up to the policies he himself promotes, you might be threatened with a lawsuit. Video here, or below. A related story is Ambassador Hotel Industrial Revenue Bonds.


4 responses to “Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer on public trust in government”

  1. sue c.

    Wow, was he guilty or what? His ranting on and on just sealed my opinion. Don’t these people understand that they work FOR the people? Taxpayers have every right to question their votes and motivations for their votes. They are not kings sitting in a castle…although it seems they think so.

    Good job, Susan!!!! Thanks so much for all you do on behalf of the taxpayers.

  2. BK

    Amazing, that the Wichita Eagle aided the election of this crook to office for two terms. Republicans, Democrats, Developers, and media types helped to get this incompetent incoherent high school graduate into office and now we are all paying the price.

  3. Fat Man

    Hey Brewer if you can’t take a little criticism get out of public life!! What a loser! Threatening that poor woman with a lawsuit because she asked him to follow the law and recuse himself is SHAMEFUL!!!

  4. Nice Mike Howerter in Parsons

    You were a class act in making your comments. I just
    wish that you and Bob Weeks would move to Parsons
    to help get this city on the right tract.
    Mayor Brewer said that he had talked with his lawyer.
    Horse feathers! He is a public official and Susan has every
    right to talk about him. Every public official should know
    The manor seems to have a very thin skin.

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