Wichita’s new website missing useful service


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With the redesign of the City of Wichita website, it appears that something is missing: MyWichita.

As described here, MyWichita was a useful service. By using it, you could select to receive in your email press releases, city council agendas and minutes, district advisory board agenda and minutes, agendas and minutes of other boards, and a variety of items. It was much easier than having to check multiple sections of the city’s website looking for newly-released agendas, minutes, etc.

The missing MyWichita service is only part of the problems with the new wichita.gov.


One response to “Wichita’s new website missing useful service”

  1. westie

    If the city has something useful and easy to find on its web site this must be removed, changed, or eliminated. Government’s role is to provide all the information they think that you need and not what you want.

    If it is something that you want, you will find it in the shrinking private sector where where you can exercise consumer control by deciding what you will and won’t spend your money on.

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