GDP by metropolitan area and component


An interactive visualization of gross domestic product by metropolitan area and industry.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis, an agency of the United States Department of Commerce, gathers data about economic output, known as gross domestic product. The visualization I have created presents this data in tabular and graphic form.

The GDP figures are real, meaning adjusted for inflation. They are annual numbers through 2019. BEA provides the number for several industries and industry groups.

A nearby example from the visualization compares Wichita metro GDP growth to that of the nation’s metropolitan areas. The series for both Wichita and the nation are highlighted in contrast to other nearby metro areas. The chart starts with 2007, the last year before the Great Recession. The decline of manufacturing in Wichita was severe compare to the nation and other areas. Further, after starting to grow, manufacturing experienced a second dip. With the importance of manufacturing to Wichita, these dips greatly affected the total output of Wichita.

Since 2015 the Wichita economy has grown, but since 2016 it has grown slower than the nation.

Click here to learn more about the data and access the interactive visualization.

Example from the visualization. Click for larger.


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