Tim Phillips of AFP explains NoStimulus.com

Tim Phillips, president of Americans For Prosperity, explains why the Obama-Pelosi-Reid stimulus bill is not good for America, and also talks about the role of the NoStimulus.com website. So many people want to visit NoStimulus.com today that the site has had trouble staying online.


  • So, is this the change he was talking about? This is the European Socialist stimulus bill, COMRADES!! Does anyone know where I can pick up an application to become an illegal alien so I don’t have to pay taxes?

  • For years I have been fiscally responsible for my personal budget. I expect others to do the same. It is the American way. If the government uses my tax money to bail out those who are not fiscally responsible then I fear the best days of our country are behind us. This practice is socialism at its worst. It encourages all the individuals of our country to seek the lowest common denominator. When I look at those presently occupying that position, I don’t like what I see. When I read what is in the stimulus bill, I also don’t like what I see. It is time for Americans to behave like Americans. We must defeat this bill.

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