Wealth in Kansas and the States


How does Kansas compare in measures of household wealth?

The United States Census Bureau collects data regarding the wealth of households. Recently, the Bureau released this data on a state-by-state basis. I have gathered this data and present it in several charts and tables.

Instead of presenting the values for each state, I present the values as the difference from the national value. Negative values, therefore, mean the state’s value is less than the national value. We can see this in the nearby table for Kansas. Its mean household wealth is $330,800, which is $115,100 less than the national value.

Note also that the mean and median values for most types of wealth vary by large factors. My article Wealth in the States explains.

In the nearby table and charts, we see that Kansas generally ranks in the lower half of the states in most categories.

To learn more about this data and use the interactive visualization, click on Wealth in the States.

Click charts and tables for larger versions.


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