Kansas Blog Roundup for June 20, 2008


When reporting on Kansas bloggers, a trip to The Kansas Meadowlark is just about the best place to start. This week the Meadowlark reports on SamSphere Kansas, an event hosted by the Sam Adams Alliance. I myself had the pleasure of attending this event and even spoke for a moment to the group. Thank you to Sam for hosting this event.

Internet sources say Gov. Kathleen Sebelius attended Bilderberg 2008 Conference reports on the governor’s trip to this event. What is this group? The Wikipedia article for it has section headings “Mainstream Criticism” and “Conspiracy Theories.” You be the judge after reading the short article.

Both the Meadowlark and I have some issues with judges in Kansas, and the post Kansas 2008 Judicial Accountability Report Card: C- introduces a study that reinforces that impression.

Stay Red Kansas thanks Todd Tiahrt and Pat Roberts for their work in the protest of the Boeing tanker decision in Got Boeing? There are some who disagree, including this writer in Is Boeing Tanker “Victory” Good For America?

The Joyful Cynic writes about Unused Pavement and Wasted Yellow Paint, describing a patch of road where no one can legally drive. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The Kansas Republican blogs on “the looming State Senate primary civil war” in these posts: Who Heads Candidate Recruitment?, Huelskamp’s Foolish Rants and the Need for Pragmatic Politics, and Is Kobach Complicit in Huelskamp’ Senate Purge? In the last post Custer proclaims his own blog as “Kansas’ most prominent Republican blog,” which seems a tad overlaced with hubris, considering these three posts take Kansas Senator Tim Huelskamp to task for perceived uppityness.

The Kansas Trunkline, the official blog of the Kansas Republican Party, reports on more travel by Kathleen Sebelius in Chapter 2: Where in the world is Kathleen Sebelius? This article also reports on her speaking engagement before Earth justice. The link is here: Earthjustice presents Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. A quote from the page promoting the event: “Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will appear June 26 in downtown Denver at an Earthjustice program to tell the story of how her bruising fight with coal power interests has helped create a national clean energy agenda.” Too bad this event is sold out.

The Kansas Republican Assembly Blog announces its new president and makes endorsements for Kansas house and senate primary races in KRA Board announces preferred candidates and new President. The article Source: Slattery campaign gains KDP email list asks the questions “Why is the Slattery campaign getting access to email lists from the KDP but not Lee Jones? Both are Democrats and running against Pat Roberts, so why is one candidate getting preferential treatment?”

The Quite Conservative is worried that “defenders of traditional America are sleeping” in While You were Sleeping.

The mysterious “Boondoggler” at Wichita 259 Truth comments on Wichita school board member Betty Arnold in The Wisdom of Betty Arnold. Also: insightful commentary on the confusing relationship between the Wichita school board and Citizens Alliance for Responsible Education (CARE), a citizen group that supports a school bond issue in Wichita School Board Abdicates.

At Voice For Liberty in Wichita, home to the Kansas blog roundup, find more analysis of a faulty economic impact report the Wichita public school district relies on in Wichita School Bond Issue: Is Economic Impact Real? The author also explains why surrounding suburban school districts have newer facilities than the Wichita district: their enrollments are growing, while Wichita’s isn’t: Wichita School Bond Issue: Surrounding Districts Are Growing and Building New Facilities. Regarding a loan the City of Wichita is making to a prominent businessman, the writer laments that Wichita City Manager’s Warning is Too Late.

While Bob Weeks can’t take credit for inventing an artful phrase, he does take the Wichita school district to task in Wichita Public School District’s Taxation Without Information. He also spots an unfortunate bias for government and its institutions in an otherwise fine Wichita Eagle article in the post The Wichita Eagle’s Preference For Government.

Finally, what are some Kansas politicians’ true motives in challenging the Boeing tanker decision? Find out in Is Boeing Tanker “Victory” Good For America?


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  1. Because of public demand, Earthjustice is opening up its energy forum featuring Kan. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in Denver on June 26. Another 200 seats are now available. Just go to http://www.earthjustice.org and look for “Out of Kansas – A National Clean Energy Agenda.”

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