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  • Wichita Tea Party Citizen Report

    An estimated 100-plus citizen activists assembled today near Second and Waco Streets to participate in a protest of the federal stimulus package and bailouts. The event was billed as The Wichita Tea Party. Two men drove 200 miles from Garden City to attend. Other Kansans were here from Abilene, Hutchinson, Andover, and Augusta.

  • Wichita Tea Party Photos

    In Wichita, it was a cold day with a freezing wind, but quite a few protesters –human, canine, and porcine — came out to show their displeasure with the direction of our country.

  • Articles of Interest

    Subsidizing Bad Ideas What are some of the things wrong with the president’s plan to solve the mortgage crisis? Howie Rich of Americans For Limited Government explains: “First, the plan is emblematic of America’s new “dependence mentality,” which is advanced by politicians like Obama who rhetorically extol the virtues that once made this country great…

  • In Wichita, Angry Citizens Revive Boston Tea Party Protest

    Wichita Tea Party organizer Nancy Armstrong talks about Friday’s Wichita Tea Protest on KAKE Television: Coverage at KAKE Television is at Angry Citizens Revive Boston Tea Party Protest. Other stories at Voice For Liberty in Wichita are at Wichita Tea Party Area Residents Plan Wichita Tea Party Wichita Tea Party, from AFP

  • Wichita Tea Party, from AFP

    Here’s a message from Americans For Prosperity’s Kansas state director Derrick Sontag about the Wichita Tea Party this Friday. It started with people like you, logging on and signing our petition at NoStimulus.com, and now we have a full-blown grassroots movement on our hands. One such activist, Nancy Armstrong, supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008…

  • Area Residents Plan Wichita Tea Party

    Grassroots movement sweeps into Wichita with anti-stimulus rally WICHITA — Grassroots activists in Wichita will rally outside Sen. Sam Brownback’s office on Friday, to show their appreciation to the senator for opposing the federal stimulus bill, and to demonstrate their frustration with big government spending. Nancy Armstrong, Garden Plain, organized the rally at 11:30 a.m.…