Would you pay $48.62 to visit the art museum?


wichita-art-museum-01The normal adult admission to the Wichita Art Museum is $7.00, but that isn’t anywhere near the cost of each visit.

According to most recent edition of Wichita’s Performance Measure Report, the cost per visitor for the Wichita Art Museum in 2012 was $48.62.

That’s a little higher than the three previous years, but much lower than 2009, when the city reported a cost of $59.00 per visitor.

As can be seen in the nearby table (click it for a larger version), other city cultural attractions registered costs per visitor that are much higher than their admission costs. The Mid America All Indian Center has a per-visitor cost of $11.37. For The Wichita Historical Museum it’s $36.59. Cowtown’s cost per visit is $15.94.

So while each person who visits the art museum may or may not be willing to pay $48.62 for admission, someone is paying that.



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