Wichita economic development incentives discussed


At today’s meeting of the Wichita city council, economic development incentives were a topic of discussion.

In his remarks, Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer ignores evidence that targeted economic development incentives — the type being considered — don’t produce economic growth for the community. He also expresses his disdain for free market concepts and those who believe in them.

It was a bad day for economic freedom in Wichita. Not a single council member voted in favor of economic freedom over corporate welfare.

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7 responses to “Wichita economic development incentives discussed”

  1. Wendy Aylworth

    Our own City Council doesn’t listen to the evidence. And, they treat members of the public with disdain.

  2. Rod M. Stewart

    The problem is not with our elected representatives, but with those economic purists who refuse to accept that any economic development assistance from the government at any level can be a good thing. The program of being against the arena, against historic tax credits, against the issuance or IRBS, against Tif districts, against CID districts, against the City’s involvement in the Old Town District, against, against, against, is growing old and the Mayor is right to disagree with those who continue to argue for a concept of businsee that never has existed in our area or county. The City of Wichita, paid to bring the railroad here from Newton, the City of Wichita paid significant sums of money to the bosses of cattle herds to bring their cows to Wichita, thus we have been involved in economic activities since our founding as a city
    To disagree with you is not to show disdain for your person, but to vehemently disagree with your arguments ablout how to grow a city. The Mayor is quite correct in his arguements that other communities will gladly steal away all our jobs and attractions if we let them. We as a City must compete or lose out.

  3. Citizen

    Wendy, you are correct. Mayor Brewer and most on the Council treat anyone who disagrees with them with disrespect. Mr. Stewart’s business has benefited before from the City of Wichita giveaways and will continue to benefit. What Mr. Stewart fails to understand is that City government should not be in the business of running hotels, airlines, movies, or benefiting their campaign contributors, which by the way, Mr. Stewart is one of them.

  4. LonnythePlumber

    Economic freedom did win and the Stop Wichita movement lost. That new jobs and construction aren’t economic growth doesn’t even seem to be arguable. How is it corporate welfare if they don’t receive a dime of government money but start paying over $200,000 a year?

  5. Lonny, I’m curious as to your claim that Warren will start paying $200,000 per year. If you’re referring to the PILOT agreement, he’s merely agreeing to continue to pay what he has been paying in taxes on the existing theater, plus a small annual increase.

    Then, how is it not corporate welfare when the city excuses him from paying many thousands of dollars in property taxes on the new construction? That, after all, is the benefit of the IRB program.

    When you don’t have to pay something that the city makes everyone else pay, that is a benefit just the same as if the city wrote you a check.

  6. LonnythePlumber

    I took it from the Eagle article that I understood to state that instead of paying property taxes on the new addition he would make a $236,000 payment the first year with 2.3% increases in years following. Are you saying he will not make payments on the new work?
    I understand welfare to mean financial payments. If we are not already receiving funds then delaying the starting date to collect the new funds, which we would not otherwise be receiving ever, I don’t consider welfare.
    It is a temporary reprieve in order for us to receive more income later. Investing. It is not a permanent relief to not pay what everyone else pays.

  7. LonnythePlumber

    Bob’s right, I’m wrong. I have re read the pilot and I now understand that Warren will not make property tax payments on the new addition. Bob’s right, I was wrong.

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