Wichita won’t release Southwest Airlines report


Research produced for the City of Wichita by a taxpayer-supported university won’t be made available to the public until a later date.

The report, produced by the Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University, may provide analysis of the feasibility and economic impact of Southwest Airlines entering the Wichita market.

An informal request made by myself for this document, which the city escalated to a formal request under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA), was denied. The reasoning that city legal staff provided is as follows:

“The request is denied pursuant to KSA 45-221(a)(20). The reports have not been distributed to a majority of the quorum of any body, have not been cited in a public meeting. These memoranda contain research data in the process of analysis and contain recommendations in which opinions are expressed or actions proposed.”

The portion of the statute referred to, which is one of many exceptions to the Kansas Open Records Act, reads: “Notes, preliminary drafts, research data in the process of analysis, unfunded grant proposals, memoranda, recommendations or other records in which opinions are expressed or policies or actions are proposed, except that this exemption shall not apply when such records are publicly cited or identified in an open meeting or in an agenda of an open meeting.”

It is important to recognize that the Kansas Open Records Act does not prohibit the City of Wichita from releasing this document. The law simply does not require the city to release the records.

But the city can release the document, if it wanted to. It is within the discretion of the city to do so.

Looking forward, I believe there will be a time when the document will become a public record and the city will have to supply it. I don’t know what the city accomplishes by delaying the release of it until that time. It is true that I am skeptical of the conclusions of the document as reported in the Wichita Eagle, which has obtained a copy of the report through a source other than the city.

Specifically, I would like to see the reasoning or evidence for the reported claim that the entry of Southwest will result in 7,000 additional jobs — direct and indirect — being added to the Wichita area. As I noted in previous articles, our area’s second-largest employer has just 6,000 employees. These grandiose economic development claims are difficult to believe.

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3 responses to “Wichita won’t release Southwest Airlines report”

  1. sue

    Why do they refuse to release it, unless there is something to hide from the taxpayers?

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe SWA would like to keep it a secret that they may be coming to town and anything in that article may be advantageous to their competion…..Be happy if they come because it will create jobs…not just within the airport confines but surrounding areas when companies can fly to the city for less which adds to growth and production….look at any SWA city that they go to and see the growth effect SWA brings….It is like when Oprah puts her name a brand it sells….same with SWA, when they come to a city….the city benefits….period

  3. BK

    SWA would be a great addition to our community, but Airtran would leave town and AA will file a complaint against our City. There are not enough gates at the airport for another carrier with the SWA schedule. There is NO leadership in the City Council to make the tough decisions. Mayor Brewer said that the decision is left to the City Manager, and Councilman Longwell said that we should not be discussing these issues in the media. The message is: meet in secret and let the City manager make the decisions! Out with the bums in 2011.

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