Wichita’s alphabet soup of ‘tax tricks’


Thank you to Marian Chambers of Wichita for submitting this letter. It also appeared in today’s Wichita Eagle.

I want to commend the courage shown by the October 10 Sunday Wichita Eagle editorial “Get control of incentives.” It takes some intestinal fortitude to speak out against the “tax tricks” (wonderful description) that have been foisted on the city and county taxpayers already burdened by federal, state, and property taxes.

Wichita is a wonderful place to live. But some of our leaders seem to be threatening our historic legacy by burdening us with an alphabet soup of “tax tricks”; so far, I have counted TIF, STAR, and CID (not to mention the broader state version of EDX and PEAK). The alphabet soup of “incentives” has the same result, regardless of the letters: taking money from taxpayers without them seeing it in their paychecks.

I have no objection to paying straightforward taxes that provide the services we all need and expect: firefighters, police, roads, water, sewers, emergency vehicles, basic schools for our children and basic coverage for our elderly. But “incentives” masquerading as hidden taxes do not promote a quality of life for our citizens.

The Eagle has taken a courageous stand in drawing attention to these ugly, hidden taxes.


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  1. Republican Mom

    Yes, Thank You Marian! I very much enjoyed reading your letter to the editor! We need many more letters on similar themes.

    We also need voters to vote against anyone currently on the city council who is trying to get elected to a higher office. Let’s not reward the handout-givers of corporate welfare by electing them to ANY other office.

    And in the election contest between Gwen Welshimer or Jim Skelton for Sedgwick County Commission – the better option is to vote for Gwen Welshimer in this race.

    Please everyone, spread the word!

  2. sue c.

    I agree totally with the comments by Republican Mom. Well said. I also appreciate the LTTE by Marion. Well said.

    Most people I talk to about all these tax “incentives” do not even know this is happening. When they find out, they are aghast!

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