Wiggans, drug profiteer, in race to be Kansas governor


I’m waiting for this headline to pop up in Kansas newspapers or blogs.

How else will Kansas leftists be able to describe Tom Wiggans, the newly announced candidate for the Democratic party nomination for Kansas governor?

Described by the Associated Press as “a former pharmaceutical company executive” — wait, doesn’t that describe a person who profits from sick people? Just the type of person Democrats love to demonize?

While we wait to see if Kansas newspapers and leftist blogs make this connection, read Kansas Watchdog’s reporting on his political contributions.

Also, according to Forbes, Wiggans earned $323,579 in 2008 from serving on the boards of three drug and biotechnology companies.

It will also be interesting to see how Kansas leftists react to Wiggan’s association with the Hoover Institution, described by Wikipedia as “influential in the American conservative and libertarian movements.” Wiggans was a member of its Board of Overseers.

Hoover is intellectual host to conservative and libertarian thought leaders like Richard A. Epstein, Chester E. Finn Jr., Eric Hanushek, Caroline M. Hoxby, Tibor R. Machan, Condoleezza Rice, Russell Roberts, and Shelby Steele.

Hoover is also home to a personal hero of mine, Thomas Sowell, who is Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy. Friedman — one of the giants of the modern libertarian movement, although not loved by all — was senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution from 1977 to 2006.


7 responses to “Wiggans, drug profiteer, in race to be Kansas governor”

  1. Pat

    Good stuff, but some things are better left unpublished.

  2. […] Drug profiteer in race to be Kansas governor, Voice for Liberty in Wichita, Nov 18, 2009. […]

  3. Anonymous

    Bob, you might as well give up on this. The Kansas Democrats aren’t interested in the truth about their candidates. We’re probably going to be seeing stories about how his drug company’s heroic efforts saved lives, and all the profits were sent to Mother Teresa, plus another 10% to boot.

  4. Pat

    The Dems should probably run more candidates like this I think is the point.

  5. Mandy

    At this point, as a Democrat in Kansas, anyone is better than Brownback in my view. That’s about all I have for criteria – a more moderate person who doesn’t scare the living daylights out of me with his/her ideology (or embarrass us publicly in front of the nation … it seems Brownback is speared by the Daily Show at least once a month).

  6. Ann H.

    Of course they don’t care that he’s “Big Pharma.” When it’s their own candidates, or for their own side, they don’t care about any of the characteristics they normally demonize. Just like how they’re trying to paint the tea parties as funded by the super-wealthy (they aren’t) like that’s a horrible thing, but they just love billionaire George Soros and all the money he throws at left-wing causes. Or how they always skewer the Republicans as being the “out of touch” rich, even though the Democrat politicians are just as rich. Like how Obama said McCain was out of touch with the average American because he owned 7 houses, while being an elitist millionaire himself. Or how about Al Gore’s energy-gobbling mansion and numerous globe-crossing jet jaunts, which the eco-sanctimonious never criticize, while preaching at the rest of us about making our homes and lifestyles more energy efficient.

    By the way, I agree Thomas Sowell is awesome.

  7. Who Knew

    Well – I’m a progressive, liberal democrat, and I would never vote for this Wiggans guy. And, believe it or not, I don’t endorse just anybody just because they supposedly say they’re a dem.
    In fact, my boyfriend is from the Fredonia area and is very familiar with this guy’s family – and the history of the Wiggans pharmacy store in a small town.
    And as far as the tea-baggers, I not only find them to be the epitome of PWT, but a pure product of the American education system (which isn’t a compliment – in case you didn’t get the hint)…
    A lot of weirdos hide out in small towns, ya know!

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