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  • Kansas Taxes Outpace Inflation

    Local and state taxes paid in Kansas, per capita, compared to the consumer price index:

  • Kansas Justice Selection

    Some commentary from Americans For Prosperity — Kansas about a bill that would change the way Kansas chooses its justices: Lawyers are soooo smart. More coverage of this issue: Kansas Must Change Its Judicial Selection Method Kansas has the appearance, without the reality, of judicial accountability What Impact do Kansas Voters Have on Judges? Here’s…

  • The Kansas (Governor Budget) Comedy

    At National Review, Denis Boyles makes an observation about Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and her handling of the Kansas budget this year, particularly events this week: Sebelius knew about this coming shortfall because the state legislature has been telling her about it for months. Instead of following the rules, she let the clock run out,…

  • Kansas budget crisis, now

    The Kansas Liberty story Lawmakers claim Sebelius’ demand for money would violate state statutes reports on a conflict between the two parties named in the story’s title.

  • 5 Questions: Proposition K

    The Shawnee Dispatch reports on an informational meeting in Johnson County. The article is 5 Questions: Proposition K. There’s also a poll to express your support (or not) or Proposition K.

  • Kansas minimum wage

    A group in Kansas is pressing for raising the state minimum wage. Will raising it help or harm low-wage earners? And are the policy goals — taken in their entirety — of the groups pressing for a higher minimum wage in the best interest of workers?

  • Advocates for Invisible Kansans comment, not one “thank you”

    About a week ago my post Invisible Kansans Tell Their Stories somehow came to the attention of advocates of the disabled, and several left a few comments to the article.

  • Have Kansas tax cuts caused our budget problem?

    The budget problem in Kansas is the result of “irresponsible tax cutting,” according to Steve Rose, publisher of the Johnson County Sun. He really wrote that.

  • Essential Government Employees Only

    When the weather’s bad with snow or ice, sometimes you’ll hear on morning radio or television news that because of dangerous road conditions “only essential government employees should report to work today.” Wait a minute — does this mean that some government employees are non-essential?